As a former 2018 Summer Associate, you have the opportunity to participate in Bain's Global Outreach Program and travel exclusively with other Bain employees on an unforgettable journey.

Join an exclusive Bain experience that blends cultural immersion, community engagement and adventure. Take part in meaningful exchange with communities and local leaders. Discover cultural history and natural wonders. Plus, enjoy boutique accommodations and exceptional meals on a powerful experience with other Bain Summer Associates.


"I've had the privilege to experience the work of both Ignite and Habitat. I'd highly recommend Ignite's unique combination of engagement, immersion and adventure for any Bain employee."

 Aaron Chaiken

Manager, Bain & Company

Join An Upcoming Journey

Unlike other trips you may have the opportunity to join, these experiences will be exclusive to Bain Summer Associates (and significant others) provided we have a minimum of 8 registered travelers. The maximum for each trip is 20 travelers.

Mexico // May 9-12, 2019

appalachia // June 25-28, 2019

ZAMBIa // July 8-14, 2019

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  "My journey with Ignite was one of the best travel experiences of my life, and I have traveled extensively."

Sonya Jackson

Founder at Mantra for Good; Former Global Giving Executive for United Airlines

"It was a life-changing experience for our team. Amazing new relationships, meaningful cultural exchange and the ability to give back in ways we’ll never forget."

 Sharon Kozek,

Founder of LPP

"I was immersed yet felt safe. Both challenged and inspired. I was blown away by the entire experience."

Jacques Achille

CEO & Co-Founder of norm

ELIGIBILITY //  Former SAs who have accepted their full-time offer to join Bain are eligible to go on a journey with Ignite before they start full-time. All programs must be completed before your scheduled first day at Bain. Your local Bain office will contact you with information on start dates. Please note, significant others are more than welcome to participate; however, Bain will not cover their expenses. 


Participants agree to release Bain & Company and its employees, agents and affiliates from any claims or liabilities that may result from their participation in the program.  


PROGRAM FEE/TRAVEL  //  Bain will pay the entire Ignite participation fee first, then cover any travel expenses up to a combined total of US $3,000. All journeys above carry a $2,500 journey fee except for the Zambia journey which costs $3,000. The Ignite journey fee covers all lodging, ground transportation, meals, program activities and most excursions.

QUESTIONS  //  Reach out to Barre Carbone ( on our team for any questions about your eligibility for this program. For questions regarding the journeys or anything else Ignite related, get in touch with Dominyka Paulauskaite ( who will be happy to get you the info you need.

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